Anker 737 Power Bank (PowerCore 24k) Generation 2

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From the Manufacturer

Output: 140W Max
Number of USB-C Ports: 2 USB-C Ports
Number of USB-A Ports: 1 USB-A Ports
Number of Outputs: 3
6.13 × 2.15 × 1.95 in / 155.7 × 54.6 × 49.5 mm
 22.22 oz / 630 g


1. Why does the battery drain so quickly?
When the Settings selection screen is always on, both the screen and MCU are working, so it is normal that the battery drains quickly. The overall power consumption is 0.36W and uses 15% of the battery in about 24 hours. We recommend that you turn off the display screen when not in use.

2. Why is “Screen Time”, “Battery Cycle”, “Total Input”, and “Total Output” not showing “0” on the display?
After receiving the portable charger, you will see the value displayed on the screen with data. This is the value record of the factory during the production and testing process. To ensure the quality of the product, we conduct tests to verify that the product meets the intended performance and specifications.
(a) “Battery Cycle” should be 0 while “Battery Health” should be 100%.
(b) Other information such as “Screen Usage”, “Total Input”, and “Total Output” should not be 0.

3. Why can’t the power reach 140W?
To reach 140W, you need to use a cable that supports PD 3.1 and a device that supports PD 3.1 input such as the 2021 MacBook Pro 16.

4. Why does port A show 0.1W output when the power bank is not connected to any device?
1. Even if the device is unplugged when charging with port A, it will continue to output a small current to prevent the device from being fully charged, and it will last for about 2 minutes.
2. In low current mode, it is normal that the output of port A is 0.1W.

• Anker 737 Power Bank (PowerCore 24K)
• 140W USB-C to USB-C cable
• User Manual

• 18 Month Warranty*
* Warranty becomes null and void from electrical & power surges or power related issues.