Salamtec’s Vision

To be the most trusted organization in the digital market place by creating the value for its customers and delivering promises.

Salamtec’s Mission

To become the pioneer in Information Technology arena by bringing the latest technology & its related products to local market place.

Salamtec’s Philosophy

Salamtec is a customer oriented organization. We believe that an organization cannot be successful unless you as a customer are fully satisfied & happy with products and services. Therefore all our policies are built around the following core values:

  • Salamtec believes that creating long term value for the company can only be achieved by creating value for you as a customer. Therefore Customer orientation is the leading dimension for company’s growth. Customer has the centricity in all decision making.
  • Customer Trust is identified as Key Success Factor. Salamtec’s mission is to become the most trustworthy company in the digital market place and is determined to build this trust by fulfilling commitment & delivering promises.
  • Salamtec places a great emphasis in bringing latest technology and most innovative products to its customers. We believe that our customer deserves the best services available in today’s world.

Salamtec’s Products

Our product is a seamless delivery of your desired electronic gadget at your doorstep in the most professional manner.

Salamtec deals in all kind of computing devices including smart phones, bar phones, tablets, desktop, laptops, gaming equipments & their related accessories.  We provide moneyback guarantee to our customer that every products listed on our online store is original & genuine. Salamtec or its sister concerns are itself distributors for many of international brands.

Our Experience

We are serving our customers for last 15 years as an wholesaler, distributor and retailer under the name of Makkah Electronics. Makkah Electronic is trusted name in the smart phone industry and well renowned distributors for major smart phone brands including Oppo, Vivo, Realme etc.

Customer Care Policy

Fast & reliable delivery is core to our customer service. We do our best to meet & exceed your expectation and deliver within standard timeframe. For selected geography, our own representative will be at your doorstep & get the product verified and paid. On top of it, 5 days checking warranty is provided for any defect in the equipment*.

For any complaint, you may contact us the mysalamtec@salamtec.com

*term & conditions applies.