Mi Smart Band 8

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Black, Gold

  • ① Bracelet main body X1.
    ② Dedicated charging cable × 1.
    ③ Instruction Manual×1.

    Xiaomi Mi Band 8 Best Price in Pakistan

    Tactile look
    and feel Smart and smooth
    The higher refresh rate brings an ultra-smooth experience, and the operating feel and sliding look are impressive.
    Stepless automatic brightness adjustment accurately adapts to the brightness of the environment, understands the brightness of the screen in your eyes, and just lifts your wrist.
    *The display screen of the Xiaomi Mi Band 8 adopts a track-shaped design, and the track is located in a standard rectangle. The screen measures 1.62 inches diagonally when measured as a standard rectangle.
    The new quick-release design.
    has a stylish texture and a comprehensive transformation
    The Xiaomi bracelet is upgraded with a new quick-release structure, which can not only be easily replaced, but also
    get rid of the enveloping “shackles” of the wristband, and realize more “material freedom” of the wristband. The exquisite body shows a stylish metallic texture, and for the first time brings two new middle frame colors of
    “light gold” and “bright black”.

    A variety of fashion wristbands
    have a new look, embracing “fashion freedom”
    The new quick-release structure not only brings fashion texture but also releases more possibilities for wristband materials.
    Rich and exquisite fashion wristbands are dizzying, and there is even a new necklace shape.
    Some accessories are separate accessories and need to be purchased separately
    The standard configuration is a black/off-white TPU wristband, other wristbands need to be purchased separately.
    The actual release time of the distribution strap is subject to the official website.

    Leather wristband
    is classic and versatile, it can be worn with you
    Made of high-end imported calfskin material, soft and comfortable
    with high texture. Selected plaid green color, fashion and art are more classic
    and versatile, and you can easily control various occasions with you.

    Double-circle leather wristband
    with contrasting color design, wrapping around personality
    Want to be more personal? Double Wrap Leather Wristband will be your answer.
    Surrounded by double circles, it adds more layering.
    The split design of black and white color matching is smart and distinct. Whether it’s casual wear
    or personalized makeup, it can add a bright spot to you.
    *When the second lap strap is under the fuselage, it may affect
    the accuracy of functions such as heart rate, blood oxygen, sleep, and off-wrist password.

    Fashion hollow bracelet
    leather and metal, co-starring
    The co-starring of leather and metal makes the wristband the protagonist, and
    the metallic body becomes the embellishment of the fashion bracelet. The
    unique hollow design not only makes the bracelet lighter, breathable and
    comfortable, but also brings an unprecedented unique temperament, turning
    the bracelet into a fashion accessory.
    *Wearing the wristband too loose may cause data deviations such as heart rate, blood oxygen, sleep, etc.
    Weaving wristbands
    this hot summer, cool summer
    The light, breathable, simple, and elegant woven wristband will be the best
    choice in hot summer. The bright velvet yellow and the low-key olive green
    are your favorite choices. The details of high-end leather and rivets are matched to embellish your
    summer refreshing LOOK.

    Pendant pendant
    fashion smart small pendant
    The new quick-release structure gives the bracelet a new stage. The pendant accessories, combined with the
    exquisite gorgeous necklace dial, make the bracelet surprise into an “intelligent” decoration. At the same time,
    it can provide time, step counting, and NFC version unique card swiping function.
    *Need to turn on the corresponding necklace mode in the bracelet or APP, after turning on, health and sports functions such as heart rate and blood oxygen measurement cannot be provided.
    *Pendant accessories are retail accessories and need to be purchased separately.
    *Due to the special way of wearing the necklace, there may be deviations in the accuracy of step counting

    TPU wristband
    with a sense of movement and vitality
    It is made of skin-friendly TPU material, which is soft, smooth, and waterproof, and it can accompany you to
    exercise and sweat, even swimming; the colorful and vibrant colors
    can be easily matched to give you a vigorous sports style.
    *The standard configuration is a black/off-white TPU wristband, other wristbands need to be purchased separately.

    Hundreds of stylish dials
    for style,
    More than 200 new fashion dials, combined with the exclusive information screen display,
    give you a steady stream of inspiration for dressing. All kinds of wristbands and pendant
    accessories can also be found with a variety of official CP dials, each of
    which has a prominent temperament and a unique style.
    *The dials that can be selected in the Xiaomi Sports Health APP shall prevail.

    healthy and flexible

    150+ sports modes
    and preferences, coincidentally
    The new running bean mode
    for running, more professional feet
    New function: running bean mode, which provides you with a more professional running experience. It
    can not only monitor regular running data but also provide 13 professional data such as stride frequency, stride length, ground contact vacancy ratio
    , ground impact force, etc., and provide various data professional
    For this reason, we specially designed exclusive accessories: running pods, which can
    easily on the shoelaces, professional training, and running at any time.
    Running pods are sold separately.
    When installing the running pod accessory, the dial needs to face itself. The incorrect wearing direction will affect the accuracy of the data.
    Toggle “Running Bean Mode”
    Both the bracelet and the mobile APP can choose to enter the running bean mode.
    Detach the wristband of the wristband, put it into the running pod, and clip it to the shoelace.
    Real-time viewing and real-time adjustment
    On the Xiaomi Sports Health APP, you can initiate walking, running, and cycling
    sports. When running, you can view
    data such as stride frequency, stride length, landing impact force, landing method, etc., so that you can adjust your running posture in real-time.
    Professional data, detailed improvement
    After running, you can view all professional data in the APP, as well as the
    professional standards and interpretation of each data, to help you make further improvements.
    Somatosensory interactive boxing
    “somatosensory handle” to carry with you the
     built-in iDong boxing course in Xiaomi Sports Health APP, and the boxing training will start immediately! Follow
    the rhythm and play easily, and you will be able to master
    technical movements such as straight punches, swing punches, uppercuts, steps, and dodges. Whether you are tired from sitting for a long time at work, or
    you have been lying on the sofa for a long time on weekends, you can have fun exercising and start practicing at any time!
    *Refer to the activity recommendations in the “WHO Guidelines on Physical Activity and Sedentary Behavior”: adults should do at least 150-300 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic activity per week; or at least 75-150 minutes of vigorous-intensity aerobic activity;
    Or an equal amount of moderate-intensity and vigorous-intensity combined activity can reap huge health benefits.
    Vitality value
    Evaluate your current physical vitality,
    and convert it into
    vitality. *When the accumulated vitality reaches
    100 within 7 days, you will gain significant health benefits.
    Smart running mode
    Running alone is too boring? Use the smart accompanying running
    mode to display
    the gap between you and the set pace in real time, don’t be lazy, you will fall behind!
    sports data projection
    Indoor sports have also been thoughtfully upgraded. The real-time data on the wristband
    can be directly projected on the corner of the TV screen.
    Whether you are concentrating on training or watching a drama while exercising,
    you can see the status more easily.
    *The sports data projection function only supports some Mi TV models,
    please refer to the notes on the parameter page for details.
    Running lessons on the wrist
    There are 10 built-in running courses with different intensities. You can choose the difficulty
    according to your own situation and sports foundation. By
    suggesting heart rate and speed, you can “supervise” you to meet the training
    requirements. You can also run alone to ensure
    a good training effect.
    Multi-dimensional health management
    guardian day and night online
    *Blood oxygen: After turning on continuous blood oxygen detection throughout the day, it will be detected every 10 minutes in a quiet state.
    *Heart rate: If smart monitoring is turned on, the monitoring frequency will be automatically increased to 1 minute each time after detecting an active state.
    *Sleep: In sleep monitoring, REM rapid eye movement monitoring needs to enable high-precision sleep monitoring in the APP or bracelet. Sporadic naps of less than 20 minutes may not be recorded.


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