Haylou X1 NEO

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White, black

  • True Wireless Earbuds

    Haylou X1 Neo

    Light and Stunning
    • Lightweight and half in-ear
    • Stunning sound quality
    • Brand new Bluetooth 5.3
    Haylou X1 Neo White and Black

    13mm dynamic driver
    Stunning sound quality

    Mini charging case
    Translucent and delicate

    3.87g half in-ear
    Lighter and more comfortable

    Bluetooth 5.3
    Faster and more power-efficient

    0.06s low latency
    Lip-sync performance

    20-hour layback
    Ultra-long battery life

    Dual-host chip
    Mono and stereo

    Easy touch control
    Simpler operation
    13mm Dynamic Driver

    13mm Dynamic Driver

    Immerse in Amazing Sound
    Haylou X1 Neo’s Hi-Fi large dynamic driver can restore more sound details and strike a proper balance among highs, mids, and bass.
    and deep
    more sound

    Advanced Bluetooth 5.3

    Enjoy Smooth Sound
    With advanced Bluetooth 5.3, Haylou X1 Neo can deliver ultra-low latency with faster and more stable transmission for both gamers and drama fans.

    Low power consumption
    Longer battery life

    Low latency
    More enjoyable games

    Strong anti-interference
    More stable connection
    Haylou X1 Neo inside
    * About 20 seconds per short video, 4 minutes per song, and 2 hours per movie. The battery life data comes from Haylou Lab. Actual usage is affected by volume, device, usage environment, etc.
    White Haylou X1 Neo is connected to charger

    20-hour Battery Life

    Music Never Stops
    The Haylou X1 Neo charging case is compact but powerful. One top-up provides 5 hours of playback, while the charging case extends the total battery life to 20 hours.
    Short videos
    Haylou X1 Neo Haylou X1 Neo in a woman's ear

    Half in-ear Design

    Secure and Comfortable
    Half in-ear design provides a secure fit for your ear. And 3.87g lightweight body offers extra wearing comfort for long-term wearing.

    Translucent Charging Case

    Compact and Unique
    The charging case can display earbuds inside with a unique matte translucent upper cover design. The excellent Haylou X1 Neo design makes it different from others.
    Haylou X1 Neo on a circles background
    Haylou X1 Neo next to smartphone

    0.06s Low Latency

    Play without Limits
    Press and hold for 2s to activate gaming mode with latency as low as 0.06s. Listen to the gunshot and find your enemy.
    Slight latency is perceptible to people with acute hearing.
    Imperceptible latency significantly improves the gaming experience.
    * The lower the latency, the better the audio-visual experience.

    Mono & Stereo

    Free to Switch
    Both mono and stereo modes are available. Is one earbud out of power? Never mind! Use the other one to continue enjoying your music journey.
    Haylou X1 Neo Left and Right

    Touch Control

    Easy and Convenient
    High-precision touch control adds no pressure on the ear. Just move your finger on the earbud to realize various functions.
    Haylou X1 Neo Touch area
    When a call comes
    Tap on any earbud
    Answer / hang up
    Double tap on any earbud
    When playing music
    Tap on any earbud
    Play / pause
    Double tap on the left/right earbud
    Previous / next track
    Press and hold the left/right earbud for 3s
    Switch gaming mode
    Trendy color
    Ice white / Night black

    Haylou X1 Neo Black and white on a blue background

    Type-C Charging Port
    Highly compatible. No need for an extra cable.

    Haylou X1 Neo Type-C charging port

    IPX4 Waterproof
    Do not fear rain or sweat.

    Haylou X1 Neo underwater


    Product Name
    Haylou X1 Neo
    Wearing Type
    In-ear TWS Bluetooth Earbuds
    Black, White
    Single earbud weight
    Bluetooth version
    Bluetooth 5.3
    Operation range
    About 10 meters without any obstacle
    Earbud charging time
    About 1.5 hours
    Earbud battery life
    5 hours of playback
    Battery type
    Lithium polymer
    Single earbud battery capacity
    Charging case battery capacity
    Earbud dimension
    Support protocol
    SBC / A2DP / AVRCP / HFP / HSP


    Haylou X1 Neo Black
    Haylou X1 Neo White

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