Xiaomi Redmi 9T

Review on Redmi 9T Xiaomi Mobile:

  • Globally famous company Redmi launched the new two Xiaomi mobile phones Xiaomi Note 9T and Xiaomi Redmi 9T .
  • Xiaomi phones in the Redmi series which launched earlier are so affordable if we talk about their price range.
  • Just like their earlier phones in the series, Xiaomi 9T also falls in the most economical price that everyone can afford.
  • Talk about their price range, the specifications are also very spectacular in that price range that is  why it amazes people to grab their attention.
  • Either its 6000 MAH battery, stereo speaker, a full HD + IPS display , and  48MP , the features that  made it unique.
  • The 65 GB storage and 128 GB storage are introduced in the Xiaomi Redmi 9T .
  • Xiaomi 9T does not support the 5G service it uses its mobile internet access , but the Xiaomi Note 9T supports the 5G service.
Xiaomi Redmi 9T

Substitute Of Poco M3:The Xiaomi Redmi 9T comes in the redmi 9 series and  it was a surprise for the users because of its most technical features that are not expected in that price range.The Poco M3 contain almost same features but now Redmi 9T took the place of Poco M3 and made its way to the market.

Dazzling Phone design:The users of Xiaomi phones had to choose between the different colours like Twilight Blue, Sunrise Orange and Ocean Green. The back of the phone is made out of plastic and the weight of the phone is not as much like it is same as Motorola Moto G10 and Xiaomi Poco M3, it is very easy in hands.Two scenarios of designs are being observed in Xiaomi 9T.ON one hand they are free from scratch marks that made on the phone but on contrary the written logo is same as the  Realme 8 Pro as users have already seen this before.

Xiaomi Redmi 9T Design

Outstanding feature of 3.5mm of Audio jack:The triple card slot is introduced in the Xiaomi Redmi 9T so the dual sim functions properly and the 3.5 mm audio jack , Miracast ,IR blaster are  dedicated to the phone.
The good news is this phone is also used as a power bank because of its high capacity battery and  USB-C 2.0 port at the bottom of the phone case is also available.

Xiaomi Redmi 9T Design and Price

Capture Cosmic Pictures with its 48MP camera: The front camera consists of 8MP and  the results of the pictures taken from the front camera are outstanding. This phone consists of 4 cameras , the quad-camera consists of 48 MP . The pixels of the sensors are 2×2 that  merged into one  pixel.The main camera gives the 12 MP photo.
Pictures also provide some dynamic range , they can be blurry and whatever you want.The camera extent goes up to 8x digital magnification , the portraits taken from this phone are  very classy .
Despite this 48 MP camera and 2MP sensors , there is also a 8 MP ultra-wide angle camera . The picture taken from this  has a slight difference in sharpness but it works excellent when there is lightning .  

MIUI 12 Software:Android version 10 is used in Xiaomi 9T phone , and the MIUI 12 user provides many options of customization . There is one thing it provides like the app switcher and control center design that are also available in Apple’s iOS but it does not affect anything.

6000 mAh high-capacity battery:One of the most noticeable features that this phone contains is its high capacity battery because the earlier phones in the Redmi series did not have such battery capacity. It provides with the 18 watt charger adapter that the phone is fully charged in 2 and 2.5 hours. That is not so good.Its battery consumption is also a little bit higher as compared to the Poco M3.

 One good thing observed in Xiaomi 9T is its battery life like the apps you are using through Wi-fi and video playing did not cost a high battery, it easily ran on the phone .

Side-mounted fingerprint scanner:The finger-print sensor is being introduced into the power button, there is also a facility of biometric fingerprint that is more reliable and convenient for identification .
There is also an availability of  2D face recognition by which the phone is easily unlocked just by your face being front -facing.But it is up to the user what kind of lock he prefers according to his convenience.

IPS panel display:

 The 2340×1080 pixels with the pixel density of 400 PPI is introduced in the phone. Xiaomi phones use pulse width modulation that have a control on brightness and make sure it is less than 25%.
The Xiaomi Note 9T has a brighter counterpart than a Redmi 9T.The maximum of the phone is 486 cd. The IPS panel of this phone worked very well because of the amazing brightness and it achieved a good contrast ratio.  

Outstanding Snapdragon performance:The Snapdragon 662 is made in an 11nm process and it also contains a kryo 260 CPU unit.It runs smoothly in a 4GB but it does buffer sometimes while scrolling . It worked neither 50/50 nor very fast or very slow . The 64 GB version is also a bit slower due to the  UFS 2.1 that used in that version ,it does not make a big difference.

Amazing setup of Stereo sound:This phone uses two speakers and while playing any video or music it produces the stereo sound that is a good quality of this phone because mostly in that price range this feature is not available to other phones.

Essential Phone with low price tag:The features of the phone are enormous in that price tag , so it must be a good choice if you are thinking about this phone. So do prefer Salamtec that offers you discounted prices of the Mobile phones and make it easier for you to get the best Mobile phone at the most  reasonable prices.