Samsung S23 Ultra CVC

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Display window at a glance

The Smart View Wallet Case lets you access the interactive display of your Galaxy S23 Ultra phone without opening the cover. Available in a variety of shades, the case combines protection, style and convenience.

Just simple taps will do

You can tap the display window to perform basic functions like answering the phone or pausing the music even with the cover closed.

A person is holding a Galaxy S23 Ultra phone with the case on to check who is calling without having to open the case. A woman taps on an open display window to control music on her device without having to open the case.

Carry your everyday essentials safe with your phone

The Smart View Wallet Case lets you slide in your frequently used card inside, so you can keep it handy and safely hidden.

A close-up of the inside of the wallet case with a card slot. A person hands out a card taken out of the card slot of the case to another person.


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