Realme 8 Pro

Review: Realme 8 Pro:

  • Realme 8 Pro launched in Pakistan with its high-end version of the series not only that they provide a whole package of specifications with the convenience of the price range, that no one can say that they priced too high.
  • The main highlight of this phone is the camera quality of the 108MP camera which can not found in any Realme phone series.
  • The Snapdragon is as same as Realme 8 and Realme 7 Pro. The weight of this phone is actually lighter than all of their phones in the series.
  • Their price range is 46,000 in Pakistan, so let’s just have a quick overview of Realme 8 Pro features.

1- Outline and Display of Realme 8 Pro:

Talk about its design, the back of the phone is made out of plastic that is why it feels so light, and one advantage is that there is no possibility of the scratch marks of nails that are made on the phone. The plastic back panel gives only one advantage but on the contrary, we can not say that it is best of the rest. The phone is available in Infinite blue which actually gives a classy look to the Realme 8 pro.

Moving to its display, The Snapdragon of 720G is being used in Realme 8 Pro. The 6.4” Super AMOLED is introduced in Realme 8 Pro with a resolution of 1080×2400 pixels, the same as Realme 7 Pro.

“Dare to Leap” font at the back panel of the Realme 8 Pro actually has a very special material that absorbs light in the dark, so it shines brighter at night.

2- Alignment,Software and Visual Elements:

The Realme 8 Pro uses Snapdragon of 720G as said earlier with the processor that joints with 8GB RAM. They use Adreno 618 GPU same as Realme 8 Pro but it worked the same in both the phones. In Realme 8 as well as Realme 8 Pro it worked very well because the performance of gaming is very well executed and gives the best result in both the phones.

If you are using multiple apps and switching between them, there is no lagging during your game. Any game can be played smoothly on this phone.

There is another feature that can not go unnoticed is that they are using ultra-fast In-display fingerprint, and it is more speedy and activated and works faster than the button method.

Realme 8 Pro runs on realme UI 2.0 that lead to amazing customization options so it is up to you how you create your realme UI. There are many options like Global theme colour, AOD choices, which you set according to your choice. Realme UI also protect your privacy that it does not expose by any app, and it also helps you to secure your online payments.This is a saviour for every user in that it protects their personal information and also provides multiple features.

realme phone

3- Magnificent Camera Result:

The main feature of this phone is the camera result of 108 megapixels primary camera with ultra-wide-angle lens of 8MP, which is not seen in any of the Realme phone series. They also introduced a Macro lens of 4cm and a B&W lens which makes the quality of the picture surprisingly best.

This 108MP clarity camera actually incorporates Samsung’s ISOCELL HM2, a huge sensor that contains ISOCELL pixel isolation plus it also comprises of a maximum resolution of 12000×9000, it also helps in picture brightness and enhances images that looks wild and so much lifelike either it is taken in day and night.

Realme 8 Pro girded with In sensor 3X ultra zoom which gives the same result as a picture taken from the optical zoom of 3X. It also clicks 8 pictures at the same time and every picture has better sharpness than the rest.

Realme 8 Pro has the best camera effect that enhances every picture and the colours which are so good to look at. The camera works best at daylight but it also gives great result at night because of the Super nightscape mode that clicks a full vibrant photo in the night with all the details with the 9- in -1 pixel binning and Smart ISO technology which make pictures clear and realistic.

4-Battery Usage:

Realme 8 Pro has a battery capacity of 4500 mAh with the fast charging 50W same as Realme 7 Pro. Its massive battery provides great support to the user because it charged very fast and its charging continues for one day long, because of the super power-saving mode. The charger provided with the phone is 65W Superdart, so it also helps to charge other devices as well. Battery wise Realme 8 pro proves best and it also gets better in the future.

5-Pronouncement of Realme 8 Pro:

  • Realme 8 Pro offers a whole package of specifications in that price range with the great camera result and enough storage and battery
  • The former phones in this segment do not provide such camera results and their prices are more or less the same
  • Realme 8 Pro has a greater phone design with the best user experience.

If we talk about other phone brands in that price range, maybe this is not the best of them but it did improve its features and out of all the Realme Phones this must consider the Best Mobile Phone and salamtec also offers discounted prices so if you are thinking about ordering this phone so go ahead and enjoy its specifications

Last but not the least, Realme launches its phone with much more improved features than their former phones in the series, so it actually gives tough competition in the market in the future, because the specifications are much better than the previous phones.Users are so attracted to it not only for their features but also for the price range because everyone expects that may be it would be a little much higher but they set their prices so reliable for their users, expectations are much from them.