OPPO Reno 5 Pro


OPPO launched its new phone which has some particular features to their other OPPO range series phones which made this phone demandable in the Mobile market as well as in Online stores, so let’s discuss the specifications of their Smart Phone. The first talk about their chipset of Dimensity 1000+ which made this phone one of the fastest in the Mobile market, in comparison to other OPPO series, this chipset is one of their major specifications because you have not found it in their other phones.


OPPO Smartphones have many more features like it has 4350 mah battery which in comparison to Samsung Galaxy A72 have less because Samsung has 5000mah battery but OPPO Reno 5 pro has 65W fast charging capacity which is twice to Samsung Galaxy A72, which make this phone stand-out in the crowd. This OPPO Reno 5’s phone series has got 8 gigabytes of their RAM capacity and their built-in capacity provide 128 gigabytes of storage that will provide their user enough storage capacity, but it has not the capability to increase their internal storage because this phone lacks the dedicated slot for that, so this must be bad news for the users but it has some other great features to focus on, that will stand-out to the other features. This amount of RAM capacity is being introduced in the OPPO Reno phone series and can be seen in few other phones like Samsung Galaxy S20 FE  but the prices are a bit too high for Samsung Galaxy S20 FE, as compare to OPPO Reno 5 Pro, and it provides same features so the user can certainly afford it.

  • OPPO phone has a resolution of about 1080 x 2400 same as Samsung Galaxy A72 but other features like the weight, size, and the 5G availability only found in OPPO  Reno 5 Pro.
  • The price difference is not as much, only 10,000 to 20,000 difference occur but the specification is much better in OPPO Reno 5 Pro than the Samsung A72.

The Camera quality of the OPPO phone is similar to Samsung A72  because  32 MP front, and Quad camera 64 MP available on both phones but few features are available in OPPO like Geo-tagging which add picture location to its metadata, other features are also the same in both phones like sensors, browser and the battery capacity higher in Samsung than the OPPO but the 65W battery made it reliable over the other phones. OPPO Reno 5 Pro has storage of 128GB/256GB, so there will be no buffering and lagging and you can store everything and Apps will not take much time in the opening like they did in other phones because they lack UFS type storage but OPPO 5 Pro has this feature so the chances of lagging are reduced.  Unboxing of OPPO Reno 5 Pro will provide a silicon case for the phone as a bonus and also provide USB-C headphones.

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OPPO Reno 5 Pro has features that made a remarkable difference in the market but also has some set back if we talk about its price range as compared to another phone in the series.

oppo mobile phone

Reasonable Price as Compare to Other OPPO Phone Series:

Let’s just discuss and compare its price to OPPO Reno 5, because the users expect some lower prices from the OPPO Reno 5 Pro but they are a little disappointed with the Phone price.

 As discuss the features and specification of OPPO Reno 5 Pro, the features and only a few specifications are only different and are present in Reno 5 but the difference in prices are high. The OPPO Reno 5 Pro provides us the chipset of dimensity 1000+but in comparison to the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE, it provides some better quality at a lower price.

  • The phone display also provides better quality in the Samsung series than OPPO.  The price comparison makes a huge difference because users prefer phones in which every feature available to them but the price matters the most because, in OPPO Reno 5, you almost get every feature because it made a huge difference in the mobile market and the price of this phone is reasonable for the users so their first preference was OPPO Reno 5 but as the availability of the phone in the market is inactive.
  • They launched their new phone with some unique features but they increase the prices but overall the phone outlook grab the attention of the people and the availability of the phone is still active in the market and people are much impressed of the features they offer, but OPPO Reno 5 made an exceptional difference in the mobile market, but the users are more into OPPO Reno 5 Pro because it has some spectacular features and specifications.

Rating Difference of OPPO Reno 5 PRO with Samsung Galaxy A72:

As if we talk about the ratings of the two phones like OPPO Reno 5 Pro and Samsung Galaxy A72, the ratings of OPPO are higher than the Samsung Galaxy A72  but the price difference of OPPO is higher than the Samsung Galaxy A72 so this proves that the despite the higher prices, the features OPPO Reno  5 Pro offers are valuable and people still value its specifications and buy and use it.

Why OPPO Phones Demand  Higher Among The People:

The comparison of OPPO with the other phones brands like Samsung just explained its value in the market as it gives tough competition to the brands and makes their valuable place in the market that users prefer it over other mobile brand and the ratings are much higher than the other brands so in the future more will be expected from the OPPO series that they bring some distinctive features that amaze people but with the affordable prices so they can easily rely on them because the competition is tough and everyone in the race to make their place in the market and gain the trust of their customers.