Vivo New Mobile

Launching Vivo New Mobile V21 5G Reviews and Specification

  • The company Vivo which is considered one of the biggest mobile markets in Pakistan soon launched its new mobile Phone.
  • This new phone comes in their “V” series and their prices are a little bit high but it is still reliable if it comes to its features.
  • The new smartphone Vivo 21 soon launched, so let’s just dive in the discussion of the specifications of the phone.
  • Vivo mobile phones are always considered the best because of the picture quality they provide , and this time again they come with this phone which has the best camera quality.
  • Not only that the design of this phone is outclassed and the weight of this phone is not so much so they are very easy in hands.
  • The chipset Dimensity of this phone is 800U which is considered as one of the most powerful chipset and because of that ,the phone performance will also be up to the mark.
  • The new Vivo 21 is provided with 8 gigabytes of RAM .
  • With the combination of RAM and the powerful chipset , there is no chance of buffering , within nanoseconds the phone will process the apps, and the user will not face any kind of difficulty.
  • One of the main highlights of this new Vivo 21 is their amazing camera that captures spectacular pictures with  44MP front and 64MP main camera.
Vivo V21 Review

Don’t delay further , and let’s just move to the details of their specifications.

Feels So light in Hands: The new Vivo 21 design is very delicate , that this phone will not have much weight, rather they are very easy on hands, their weight is not so much ,  so the user has not much difficulty in the  handling of the phone so this must be another important point regarding this new smartphone.

The cover case that is provided with the phone will help to not crack the screen if it falls on the floor so if you worry about your phone screen so let the tension go because there is no tension if the cover case is on the phone safely.

Vivo V21 Design

Integrate powerful Chipset:

The Vivo 21 was introduced with the Dimensity of 800U chipset , there is no need to be tense about the lagging of the apps and games . The overall performance of the phone is satisfactory because of this chipset.

Outclass  Display Of Vivo 21:

The display of this new smartphone is one thing that we did not ignore because of the amazing display , the 6.4” FHD plus E3 AMOLED that is something we expect from the Vivo smartphones.

Connectivity of the phone:

The Wi-fi service is available in the phone , and all the apps run easily without buffering, the HD screen of the phone also shows beautiful effects of the video so the Netflix opportunity easily avail in the new Vivo 21 smartphone .

The bluetooth 5.1 was also introduced in the phone and there is USB type 2.0 integrated in the new  Vivo 21.

Resolution quality of the phone:

The resolution of this new phone is 1080×2400 pixels as compared to realme C2 , the resolution is less than Vivo 21 but the difference of price is huge.The price of vivo 21 is more than the Realme C2 , so does the difference of resolution. 

Built-in memory of the phone:

The phone’s built-in  memory comprises 128GB  and 8 GB RAM which helps the phone to store all the necessary data and information . The built-in memory and RAM is more than the Realme C2 , because of their price difference as well.

Outstanding Picture Quality:

The main camera of this phone is 64MP and comprises triple cameras so the quality of the pictures are perfect, the two ioS sensors also placed on the front camera, so there is no need to tense about the lightning.

If the lightning is not good , pictures and videos still be taken perfectly.The front camera comprise of 44MP which provide you great picture quality as compare to other smartphone as Vivo smartphones known as the best selfie camera.the dual LED flash also available so there is nothing to worry about the video quality as well.

Battery Capacity:

This phone was introduced with a 4000  mAh battery but this is not as good for this phone as  more could expect. Because in Realme C2 they introduced the 5000 mAh battery capacity with the 10W fast charging  at a low price as compared to Vivo 21, so users are expecting more .

The 4000 mAh battery is available with the 33W fast charging so the phone charges faster. As they said it will be charged fully in 30  minutes so Vivo 21 made this easier for their users to use their phone without the worry of charging.

As we discuss all the specifications of Vivo 21 , we expect that this phone will give their users a good experience with either its camera quality or battery capacity.

  • As this phone is going to launch soon so everyone is expecting their price range  below 30 but the expected price of Vivo 21 is  59,999 which is almost 60,000.
  • The price is a little too high for the users but the features of this new smartphone are also very good so maybe users make their mind to buy it because of the fast charging and above all good camera quality which is not seen in every phone.
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Soon this phone will be launched in the market , so we only hope that this new smartphone impresses the users with its best and outstanding features and specifications.